South Shore School District

Safety Guidelines for Students and Parents during Covid-19

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How to safely Enter and Exit the school bus, Entering the Building And Temperature Check, Hallway Etiquette, Playground Safety




Letter to Families

Dear Families of South Shore Students:

The 2020-21 school year is going to be one that will go down in history, along with the close of the 2019-20 school year, as years that were impacted by the COVID pandemic. We have been planning for a reopening of the buildings for students and staff and received the approval at the South Shore School District Board of Education at their meeting on August 12, 2020, to proceed.

  • We are planning to reopen school with the following items to be considered:We will have face-to-face instruction, every student, every day, as long as we are allowed to do this.
  • We will also prepare our students for the possibility of having to deliver schooling through distance/virtual means, much like the last two months of the 2019-20 school year (but hopefully with learned improvements on delivery), if that becomes a requirement from governmental authorities
  • We will give any student whose guardians request it the option to use the virtual/online/alternative means of schooling.
  • We have ordered PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to minimize the chance of having our students/staff get infected with COVID
  • These measures include beginning the school year with: clear desk shields (arriving 9/4-9/9/2020), masks (required), an additional bus route to lower the number of students on buses, separating desks/tables so students are not so close together, additional custodial hours for cleaning, modifying schedules so less students are in the halls/playground together, changing location for eating breakfast/lunch to eliminate large crowds of students in one area at these times, not allowing visitors in the building, not allowing field trips and athletic contests, and teaching health practices designed to reduce the risk of catching COVID and other illnesses

Parents/guardians, you have a big decision to make, to determine if you are willing to send your children physically to our schools or if you wish your child to receive instruction via virtual classes.

Clendon Gustafson, District Administrator


In anticipation of the upcoming school year, the staff at South Shore has been tasked with getting ready to re-open the school.Our priority in planning is to provide instruction in a manner which emphasizes health safety for our students, their families and school staff members. To that end we have formed committees in the following areas: Health, Logistics, Academics and Communications. These committees are made up primarily of staff members but also include students, school board members and parents.

We would like to keep our student families advised on these changes as they develop and encourage your feedback along our journey the rest of this summer. We appreciate your feedback as you read through some of the ideas we have been exploring this summer.
These ideas are provided to us from the following two sources:

* Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI)

* Bayfield County Health Department