It is South Shore School District's belief that student participation in co-curricular activities can afford certain training and learning experiences not ordinarily obtainable in the regular academic curriculum. The purpose of the co-curricular programs in the District is more than the satisfaction of the participants, but includes important goals such as character development, proper health habits, team and school spirit, leadership, and good citizenship skills.

Co-Curricular Code Rules and Regulations

Co-Curricular Activities Acknowledgement Form

Random Drug Form

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Director: Ryan Tiberg

Please call with any questions regarding 
co-curricular or athletic activities.



Quiz Bowl-In High Quiz Bowl, teams of 1-4 students compete against teams from other districts to answer questions.  The students compete after school in the fiber optics classroom, viewing their competitors and the judge on live video.  The questions cover a range of topics including science, math, literature, geography, history, and music.  There are approximately 12 matches per year, with a final tournament taking place at CESA-12 in Ashland in February.

 Drama-Drama participants present performances open to the community. Middle School students grades 5-8 and High School students grades 9-12 each do a live performance. There is also a summer component in which students in grades 2-8 perform. Drama is open to all students in the grades indicated.

 Solo/Ensemble Competitions-Students  participating in South Shore music are invited to perform in this competition. At South Shore, all have access to enriching musical opportunities that assure a lifetime of involvement a

 Forensics- Forensics is a competitive activity that starts at the end of winter and follows through until spring.  Basically, this is a speaking competition with the following categories included: solo acting, prose, farrago, impromptu, group interpretation, play-acting, poetry, demonstration, extemporaneous, 4-minute speech, moment in history, oratory, public address, radio speaking, special occasion, and storytelling.

Tech Club-Tech Club is a new co-curricular at South Shore this year (2017). We meet every Monday after school. Our members are enthusiasts of all things technology. Every month we set a goal to complete a project in a different area of technology. In December we designed Christmas ornaments with 3D modeling and printed them on our 3D printers. In January our focus is building high-performance desktop computers from the ground up. These computers will eventually be used by Technology Education to design models for and operate our CnC plasma cutter, laser etcher and main 3D printer. In February we will be getting into robotics. Tech Club welcomes participants grades 6-12.