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posted 2/11/2021

from: Ryan Tiberg, Athletic Director, SShore School District

South Shore Spectator Update

Following Bayfield County’s update of their Spectator Ban, the South Shore School District is implementing the following procedures to allow for limited Spectators where required.
Spectators will be required to present a voucher ticket and will be screened at the door (temperature check and 6 CoVid-19 related questions) before entry into the gymnasium is permitted. Masks will be required at all times which means no food or drink will be allowed in the gymnasium. While sitting in the bleacher 6 feet of social distance is required, households must sit together.

For the WIAA Basketball Playoffs spectators will be allowed on a limited basis for Home Regional games based on the WIAA Tournament regulations and the Bayfield County Spectator Order. For Away playoff games the rules established by the host school will be followed. The cost for WIAA Tournament games is $6 per tickets

For all other regular season activities we will continue to not have spectators for Home events. We will stream these events for people to watch. Spectators may be allowed at away events based on the host school’s procedures.

Beginning on March 1st, 2021 (barring a Co-Vid 19 outbreak) South Shore will allow 2 spectators (Immediate Family) per player for Home Middle School and High School events. Spectators may be allowed at away events based on the host school’s procedures.
This applies to Indoor Activities. Thank you for your support and cooperation through these difficult times. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work to provide opportunities for our student athletes.

Ryan Tiberg Athletic Director South Shore School District


From: Jan Victorson <>
Date: Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 11:02 AM
To:Bayfield County Elected and Appointed Officials:

Ambulance, Fire and Law Enforcement Agencies:
Bayfield County School Administrators:
I just received the listing of regional testing sites for this week. Please see attached.

Please note – testing in Superior this Friday, January 29th.
Next testing in Iron River – Friday, February 5th. Scheduled from 11am to 5pm.

Jan Victorson, Director
Bayfield County Emergency Management
117 E Sixth Street – PO Box 423
Washburn WI 54891


January 5, 2020

Letter to Parents, Staff & Students concerning return to Face-to-Face instruction on Jan 11.

Hello Students/Parents/Staff:

We are planning a return to face-to-face instruction on Monday, January 11, 2021. In order to plan more effectively, it is important that we know the status of each student and staff member beginning that week. For example, if a student or staff member is under a quarantine recommendation, it is important for us to know this as soon as possible, so that we can prepare and notify staff who may be affected. For example, if a family is quarantined, we need to know this so we do not send a bus to wait to pick up the students in that family on the bus route. Another example would be if a staff member is quarantined, we need to arrange for a substitute, etc. 

We need your help with this. If you know that any of the people in your family who either work at the school or attend school at South Shore will not be able to start on January 11, 2021, face-to-face at the school, please contact the office this week via phone or email: Phone: 715 774 3500 extensions 610, 611, or 615.  or email:,, or

Another item to keep in mind is that we are assuming all students who previously were attending face-to-face instruction (when we had face-to-face instruction available) prior to the holidays are going to continue face-to-face instruction on January 11. We are also assuming that all students who previously were attending virtual-only (when we had face-to-face instruction available) are going to continue virtual-only instruction on January 11. If you wish to change this (either switch from virtual to face-to-face, or switch from face-to-face to virtual), we need to know this information this week (January 4-8) so we can plan effectively.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a great New Year!


Clendon Gustafson

District Administrator


November 20, 2020

South Shore Virtual Classroom General Standards and Expectations

Virtual instruction and communication between student family and instructor begins with the Learning Management System (referred to as LMS).  In early elementary grades this is ClassDojo and in Jr/Sr High School we use Google Classroom.  Assignments and scheduled lessons are posted on these resources.  

Videos about how to use these resources and other useful resources for the 2020-21 school year can be found here:

South Shore uses the Zoom conferencing solution for delivering virtual lessons.  These can come in two forms.  

  1. Live instruction where the student will find a link to the conference in the Google calendar or posted as an assignment on the LMS portal.  These meetings will have a date and time posted as well.  The student should plan to show up five minutes early to the conference.  
  2. A pre-recorded lesson posted as a viewable video link on the LMS portal. 

Expectations during virtual instruction conferencing sessions:

  1. Show up a few minutes early.
  2. Upon entering the conference, politely greet the instructor and then mute your microphone.
  3. Before joining the conference, select a quiet and stationary location in which to participate.
  4. Remember that the Zoom conference is a virtual classroom.  Dress and behave the same way you would if we are at school in class.  Behavior expectations for online lessons are the same as they would be in person.

Problems joining an online lesson?  

If a student is unable to join due to technical difficulties (i.e. internet connection down or device not functioning) they should notify the instructor and contact tech support as soon as possible.

 Tech support can be contacted two ways. 

  1.  Email
  2. Call 715-774-3500 and select option 3

A record of contact with tech support will be needed in order to validate this type of absence from an online lesson.  IT will copy the instructor on any valid technical issues that might interfere with a student’s availability for online lessons.  Likewise an instructor can query the IT department if a student has reported a valid technical issue.

If a student is unable to join due to illness or other reasons, then the parent should contact the school as soon as possible.

If the student misses live virtual instruction and the methods above are not engaged, then the student is regarded as having an unexcused absence.  The instructor can determine if the partial unexcused absence will count towards truancy as stated in the following statute excerpt from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction:

“118.16  School attendance enforcement.

(1)  In this section:

(a) “Habitual truant" means a pupil who is absent from school without an acceptable excuse under sub. (4) and s. 118.15 for part or all of 5 or more days on which school is held during a school semester.

(c) “Truancy" means any absence of part or all of one or more days from school during which the school attendance officer, principal or teacher has not been notified of the legal cause of such absence by the parent or guardian of the absent pupil, and also means intermittent attendance carried on for the purpose of defeating the intent of s. 118.15.

118.15  Compulsory school attendance.

(3)(c) Any child excused in writing by his or her parent or guardian before the absence. The school board shall require a child excused under this paragraph to complete any course work missed during the absence. A child may not be excused for more than 10 days in a school year under this paragraph.”

We realize that virtual learning is a new and by no means ideal situation for child learning.  However, it is the stark reality of the pandemic situation we live in.  In order to provide continuity and structure in the “virtual classroom”, it is necessary to institute these expectations for student attendance and behavior.


Letter to Parents

School Status Update

November 19, 2020

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:
Due to the increasing number of Covid cases in our area, most schools are moving to a
virtual-only format. South Shore will also be moving to a virtual-only format beginning Monday,
November 23, 2020 and will be projected to continue with this format until Monday, January
18, 2021.
The district will be delivering meals to students, much like last spring, using our existing
bus routes. We need you to sign your children up for this service. Due to a change in federal
requirements, a phone call is not sufficient to sign up for meals. The request must be in writing.
Emails will suffice. Email your request to: List the names of children
receiving meals, grade, bus, and how many days you need food delivered each week (and
which days of the week if you request less than all days). We need this information by
Wednesday of the previous week for delivery. You may also send an email indicating that you
want food delivered for the “duration”, in which case meals will be delivered automatically each
week for your children. The food delivery will be on days school is in session, beginning on
Monday, November 30, 2020, and continuing while we are all-virtual. If you do not have an
email connection, a written note will work as well.
It is vitally important that your children actively participate in the virtual learning at South
Shore. The teachers will inform the students on how best to connect with them for learning.
Most will be utilizing Google Classroom, Classroom DoJo, Zoom, etc. Learning
activities/assignments should take the better part of each school day, and are required for
successful completion of the requirements of each class.
We thank you for your patience and understanding during this extremely difficult time in
our world.


Clendon Gustafson
District Administrator



from Bayfield Health Department

If you have a COVID-19 or nursing related question, please contact one of our Public Health Nurses for a response. I am unable to provide a prompt response at this time. The following is contact information for our Public Health Lead Nurse for the COVID-19 response and Secondary Lead Nurse. Please email or call them if you have non-emergency questions. And of course, for all emergencies, please call 911. Thank you for understanding.Becki Nelles, Public Health Nurse, Ph: 715-373-3322, Email: bnelles@bayfieldcounty.orgHolly Weber, Public Health Nurse, Ph: 715-373-3323, Email: hweber@bayfieldcounty.orgfrom DPI in Wisconsin

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