"The South Shore Lions Club and South Shore School district had intended to sponsor Mr. Mike McGowan to come talk to our students, staff and community on April 1.  Due to our current status, that had to be cancelled.

    The Lions Club and the South Shore School District would like to share some information and videos from Mike McGowan  with our students, staff, parents and community members that could be used during this time.  These informational papers and videos focus on mental and emotional health as well as address some concerns students, parents and staff may have about their adjustments to these difficult circumstances.

     We wish to thank all those involved in making these resources available to our community!"



Michael McGowan is President of McGowan and Associates, a training and consultation firm specializing in education, conflict resolution, alcohol, drug, workplace and family issues. He works with schools, companies, parent groups, and students as a trainer, consultant and motivational speaker.  Mr. McGowan has spent the last twenty-three years working with families and children. He has worked as an educator, an administrator, a family therapist, an alcohol and drug counselor and a trainer. He has directed state certified training programs and alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs. During the last twenty years he has given assemblies to tens of thousands of school children each year and has trained thousands of teachers in hundreds of school districts across the country. Additionally, he has worked with social service agencies, the department of corrections, professional athletes and teams from the NFL, MLB, the NHL and dozens of private companies as a trainer and consultant. His experience also includes numerous published articles and guest appearances on radio and television. Mr. McGowan is a renowned speaker whose presentations are personal and inspirational.



Maintaining a Positive Attitude & A Few Suggestions to Help Cope with Anxiety-VIDEO

Student Backup Plan to Stay Active and Healthy-VIDEO

Positive Parenting in Difficult Times-VIDEO

Keeping Ourselves Emotionally Healthy-VIDEO

Tips for Studying at Home Effectively-VIDEO